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Ray Hackworth (55B) Ray Hackworth (55B) from River Club Johannesburg South Africa wrote on 21 March 2022 at 10:31 am
Hi EJB It is very easy to have a security system or systems put on your computer. I run a Accounting/Tax/Finance/Management consulting business,plus advise clients in various parts of the world.(We have over 200 clients).Our computers are linked to each other both on and off site and we have never had a problem. This is due to having a top rate security system for all our computers which is updated on a regular basis, by a top rate service supplier. Maybe you should come down here and see how we do it? The sun shines most days.
Edwin John Bass Edwin John Bass from Cologne, Germany wrote on 19 March 2022 at 7:32 pm
Hi John E....
I tried to reply and it did NOT happen. Prerhaps your problem is actching.
Edwin John Bass Edwin John Bass from Cologne, Germany wrote on 17 March 2022 at 11:15 pm
Hi john E...
Computer problems? It is I who have them all -- well, nearly all. I consider it is only luick that I don't have the lot and can actually write on here. I lost my e-Mail but because i am writing a novel that I'll be reading to the CO (my missus) I have not taken it (the NEW computer) back to my computrer shop. They tell me I have an unidentifiable invader on my PC and Avira tell me I need to reinforce my Security... Truth is I don't really care -- at the moment -- as long as I can finish the current so-called novel which is about 800 pages plus, B...... silly really when she loves Shirlock Holmes and Agatha Christy -- I have them all somewhere in the house.. Pulp is so easy to write the brain hardly needs to be engaged......
The security firms have a go and tell me I am being invaded by lots and lots of viruses and need to update by sending them money to do so The interesting thing is that it seems the promotors of Porn -- on the internet-- are mostly the ones they blame for my problem which is that I can no longer get certain things like the e-Mail. I'm putting the repair of that off fot the sake of this latest Piece of Pulp I am writing.
My CO (missus) insisted we see "Lady Chaterleys's lover' about a month ago, which had, "Under 16 years of age Viwers are forbiddenn access to this film..What aAbsolute nonsense! Probably kids of 7 or 8 have seen more than was portrayed ba Lawrence in his book . The scenes Lawrence portayed -- in writing, of course --are available in hundreds of rididulous TV features and repeated episodes for ALL and ANYONe to veiw.
Like the languages used we are just getting more modern aren't we.....
Probably at the bottom of your difficulty Jjohn E... is some clever gitt trying it on
with your PCs security system(s)..... what you need is an eleven year old wearing big spectacles who'll tell you Updating is all you need.
Best ióf British luck Old Chap!
john eveleigh john eveleigh from Edinburgh wrote on 17 March 2022 at 10:37 am
I havent got a clue as to what is happening to my Computer but again I have lost an entry ,then found some of it, then found it had already been sent. I blame the pigeon that carries the message.
John Eveleigh
john eveleigh john eveleigh from Edinburgh wrote on 17 March 2022 at 10:32 am
I had never considered the use of the word Chaps, I know it is not a word in my vocabulary. In the dim and distant past I remember a comic., was it it the Champion? that had some school boys who would say something on the lines of I say you Chaps shall we play some Footer, Apart from that when we had a chapped face we were known to say, I have Chaps, and Cowboys wore Chaps to protect their legs when on horse back .
The use of coarse language has increased ,at least in public. and appears to be acceptable everywhere ,not only in Germany.
Perhaps we are the odd ones out?
John Eveleigh 42A A Coy
John Eveleigh 42 A Acoy
Ray Hackworth Ray Hackworth from River Club Johannesburg South Africa wrote on 15 March 2022 at 8:26 am
Hi John and others
I have never stayed in Kenya, apart from departure lounges in Nairobi. I think the leopard men could have been a secret society within a tribe that controlled the tribes operations. I used Nairobi airport when I use to fly to Iran,Syria and Jordan on business.
As far the Americanism, I can across this when deployed in Germany (44 Field Park) in Paderborn) and on various exercises with the USA armed forces there. I could not understand the drawl or their way of thinking. Then being redeployed to Christmas Island (73 Christmas Island Sqn RE) and seconded to run the main camp Power station, as at that time the Island had been loaned to the USA for Nuclear weapon testing. I was fed by the Americans (which was far better food than the small British camp at the Port had). But long hours as I lived on the Power Station and was required to work some 24 hours a day if necessary or required. My accommodation was a section of the Tool store and you could just put two beds in that section. No air conditioning or fans. However I was fed in the main camp american mess and had good food, far better than the UK camp at the Port .I found that they were running classes for various GCE subjects, so I signed up and had a duty driver come from the port, collect me, (some 40Kms) and then bring me back after the lessons. This was my first GCEs. I eventual obtained some 5 O and 5 A levels.
We were allowed a 7 day break in Honolulu (Hawaii) during the period. By this time I had got use to the drawl. We were put up at Fort DeRussy (Armed Forces leave centre) which was on Waikiki beach next to the YWCA. The English accent went down very well with the ladies.
Edwin John Bass Edwin John Bass from Cologne, Germany wrote on 11 March 2022 at 10:21 pm
Hi Andy!
I apologise for what follows:-
In 42a John Everleigh;s time and mine 44a.... we avoided using Guys because it was an American term everyone hated then -- not thought of us as being English. by Gad! We had fellers & men as what they really were "LADS", "Blokes" and "friends" -- which of course eventually brought in, very American "Buddies".. I know, I is the way of the world -- everything changes but do we really need to change taht much?? . Here i Germany the TV characters uses words we thought VULGA in England way back in them dark days. But no one does anything aboit it although little kids here are using words Like F.... and Sh.. and no one seems to be bothering. Seems as if the Barrack Room has become the world -- ot´r per´haps the barrack room was blamed wringly in the first place. I am all for starting a society which complains when vulgar words are used on TV,
Andy, I am not getting at you just the whole world attutude to the attitude rthat nothing matters any more.

. .
john eveleigh john eveleigh from Edinburgh wrote on 11 March 2022 at 10:14 am
Hello JB and Ray,
I spent some time in Nanyuki Kenya ,and during my visits used to hear about some leopard men who were somewhere on Mount Kenya. There was always talk about sending up an armed party to rout them out. Did either of you hear of them? I believe the Leopard Men were part of a Secret Society. I cant remember the name but there was a Hotel there, where if you played Darts you crossed the Equator every time you went to take your darts from the board.
John Eveleigh 42A A Coy
Andy Cobby Andy Cobby from Worthing wrote on 6 March 2022 at 8:38 pm
Hi Guys thanks for letting me visit last week and the chat I really enjoyed it and was really impressed with the Centre my only complaint was that it wasnt long enough so i will be sure to return and as promised will be filling in my BOBA application for and posting it off.
Once again guys thanks so much take care
Admin Reply by: Administrator
You are very welcome - we look forward to your return.
Ray Hackworth Ray Hackworth from River Club Johannesburg South Africa wrote on 6 March 2022 at 9:25 am
There are a great many people who do not take kindly to the UK. Having lived in Botswana/Zambia and South Africa during the Rhodesian bush war, and visiting family in Rhodesia during this period the atrocities that took place were unbelievable. There were thousands of atrocities. One of these took place near Bulawayo where Magabwe 5th brigade who were trained by North Korea dropped some 1600 plus of the opposition into a disused deep mine shaft, and then blew the shaft.
In other incident a group of terrorists who were based in Mozambique attacked the Elim mission station in the Vumba mountains and killed all the 16 white staff and their children.
The Rhodesian special forces (SAS (D Sqn) and the Selous Scouts) went after them and caught some. However a number of them were given sanctuary in the UK when they had fled Rhodesia to save their skins. Some still remain in the UK today. This is a major reason why people are not too happy with the UK and its politics.
john eveleigh john eveleigh from Edinburgh wrote on 23 February 2022 at 10:08 am
It was a forgotten conflict that cost the lives of over 700 troops and yet very little about it exists in the public mind .
I was to a certain amount involved with the two Sergeants. At the time, I was stationed in Camp 21 at the crossroads of the .Haifa -Tel Aviv road with the Natanya- Tulkarm road, and quite near Natanya. The two Sergeants were Intelligence Corp and each had a BSA 500 cc Motor Cycle, and as I was then in the Motor Cycle repair section they came to me for repairs. They had been given priority so if possible I rectified defects straight away.
I took part to a certain extent in the search for them. There were thousands of troops searching the area bounded by the Tel Aviv Road and the Natanya road ,we were there with our vehicles to take suspects to a place of detention for interrogation.
Of course nothing was found and they were eventually hanged on the other side of the Tel Aviv Road ,to that which we had been searching.
There was retaliation but I am not aware if any troops were charged for this .
I was interviewed many years later by an Author who was writing a book on
forgotten conflicts ,or at least the forgotten dead of those conflicts. So I have given a little support to those men by the inclusion of my Chapter.
John Eveleigh 42A A Company
Edwin John Bass Edwin John Bass from Cologne, Germany wrote on 19 February 2022 at 10:01 pm
Jambo Bwana (42a)John E......
Memories of Egypt - the stink and the filth -- and Palestine with its savagery of Paletsinian versus Palestinian each with a hate for us never fades. I wanted a bit of adventure before I settled down to studying hard and volunteered for Overseas not expecting Paestine.. The definition of the volunteer is: HE FORGOT TO ASK THE QUESTION... so it was I discovered the answer when sent up to Haifa holding a gun and having no ammunition. There were score of wild Scots of the KOSBI regiment who had the same mandare.... We were told it was the way the British army resrocked its armouries which had been emptied by our *friends´ ... It was heartening to know they were our friends who hung two sergeants one of whom was ex-Arborfield Boy..
I thought now, what shall I say if the train stops and several savage friends come shooting at us. OH! I say. Thats not cricket dear chappy! i am frightfully short of Ammo... HELP!!!!!
. Cheers! JB....
john eveleigh john eveleigh from Edinburgh wrote on 18 February 2022 at 12:05 pm
To the Administrator
Sorry about the double entry .I was Typing when everything vanished so started again.
John 42A
Admin Reply by: Administrator
No worries John I guessed somthing like that had happened
john eveleigh john eveleigh from Edinburgh wrote on 18 February 2022 at 9:09 am
Hello JB Jambo
When we moved up from Egypt it was with Lee Enfield Rifles ,but shortly afterwards these were exchanged for Tommy Guns. We liked them but they were not very comfortable to sleep with. At the time we carried weapons at work ,off duty. and slept with them at night. We carried them outside of the Camp when off duty so could go to Haifa and have a few Jars carrying a weapon. Of course this could have led to weapons being stolen ,so the guidance given was, we could fire if in danger of loosing the weapon. At what point this occurred we were never told ,luckily I never had to make the decision. The carrying of weapons like this was due to the attacks that had been made on many off duty troops, in one case an officer who was flogged in public and l then released. Others were not so lucky.
We made another weapon change later and became the owners of Carbines, but not for long , before we received the Sten.
John Eveleigh 42A A C0y
john eveleigh john eveleigh wrote on 18 February 2022 at 8:51 am
JB Jambo
The dreaded Sten. When we came up from Egypt we had Lee Enfield Rifles ,then shortly after we were replaced with Tommy Guns. A lovely weapon with few problems although we had one men who managed to put some rounds through the Guard Room roof when he came back in. At the time we carried weapons at all times At night ,at work and off duty. This included off duty visits to the towns. The only guidance we received was that we could only fire the weapon if we were in danger. Precisely at what point this occurred we were never told of loosing it. Did you wait until your attacker had his ha
Edwin John Bass Edwin John Bass from Cologne, Germany wrote on 16 February 2022 at 9:02 pm
Hi John E...
Better not get started on Palestine or that dreadful gun called a Sten. I was out on recovery duty when the Sten was introduced to our lads. It SELF-FIRED then when the lecturing sergeant was about to explain about his not being too sure about its safery-catch reliability. I told.Curly -- my buddy -- the Sergeant had done that on purpose but Curly insisted the gun fired itself. Only a flower pot and a window suffered any damage but it was excitement enough.
Cheers JB....44a A Coy.....
john eveleigh john eveleigh from Edinburgh wrote on 16 February 2022 at 10:33 am
Hello JB remember our days in Palestine. I remember having to convert a Bedford i5 Cwt into a hearse at short notice .You probably remember that bodies were not kept for long due to lack of facilities.
We completed the hearse only to receive a call the morning of the funeral, to convert to take two bodies as there had been further killings.
John 42 A A Coy
Edwin John Bass Edwin John Bass from Cologne, Germany wrote on 15 February 2022 at 9:35 pm
The German government group sent me to Blantyre, Malawi and their council chief sent me to buy a hearse for the people of a Blantyre suburb called Ginnery Corner to buy them a hearse. The natives there were burying their dead by taking the unfortunates in a wheel-barrow to church. I was accompanied by two councillors who were going to buy two limousines for Blantyre Town Hall use. The company in Jo Berg converted a Dodge Pick-Up into a funeral wagon -- at a reasoable cost -- whilst the councullors were arguning with the limousine company about the colours and the music system they could have in their cars,
Somehow the sense of values and colour was lost to those two African Councillors.
Edwin John Bass Edwin John Bass from Cologne, Germany wrote on 14 February 2022 at 9:16 pm
My computers difficultiesr are getting worse I was writing about the reason I tell the tale that my visits to Africa were 9 or ten and the whole lot vanished. When my temper has cooled I shall try again --- maybee is it not worth the bother.... Cheers! JB..
Ken Pearson 63C C Coy Ken Pearson 63C C Coy from Lynemouth Northumberland wrote on 14 February 2022 at 5:02 pm
I will be in the Chepstow area during the summer and would like to visit the Heritage centre . When is it open to former appentices.
Admin Reply by: Administrator
The centre is open Wednesday and Saturday 11am - 3pm. It can be opened by appointment if needed.
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