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The Reunion Booklet for the 2024 reunion is now available.

It is located under ‘BOBA’ then ‘BOBA Membership’.

There is also a single page Application Form

Download it, fill it out and send it to the reunion organiser.

The Beachley Echoes for 2024 is now available

You will find it under BOBA, then Beachley Echoes. Click on 2024.

The dates for the 2024 Annual BOBA Reunion are confirmed as 13/14/15th September 2024
As accommodation is limited in the area due to rearranged weddings, birthdays and other such cancelled events and block bookings are difficult to confirm it is recommended that YOU book your stay as early as possible DIRECTLY with your chosen hotel etc.

Please remember that in order to attend the BOBA annual reunion you must be a paid up member (rule 6b).

Whilst we would encourage all to continue their membership year on year, this is not a requirement, you may if you wish to, pay only for the year you wish to attend a reunion. 

The annual membership fee is £10, and should be paid directly to the Hon Membership Secretary Derek Fox preferably by bank transfer (Derek’s details can be found on the website).

The above ruling does not apply to wives or Honorary Life Members.

2024 Reunion bookings will be available as soon as possible.

BOBA Objectives and Rules 1994 (Revised 2014) updated and reprinted 2020

BOBA Annual General Meeting 2023 (Rule 8)

Saturday 15th September 2023 13.00hrs at The Beaufort Hotel (Rule 8a.)

Welcome :

The President of the Association  (not business of the AGM) (if not available on the day then the Chairman

In Memoriam

(DF) (not business of the AGM but very important)


Opening : Chairman (brief remarks comment on the gap between 2019 and 2022 which was as a result of Covid Regulations. The meeting will proceed in accordance with the Association Rules.)

Apologies for absence;

Mr Ron Marie 46A B Coy

Minutes of AGM 2022  

Chairman to call for a vote the minutes be accepted

proposer…………………..  seconder ……………………..

Elections and Appointments

Executive Committee (Rule 4b)

“ The Executive Committee will be Members of the Association under the Chairman and consist of the following members ” : Current Members in post

Chairman: Chris Ricketts 65A (CR), Vice Chair: Ken Reader (62C) (KR) Hon Secretary: Gary White (73A)(GW)  Hon Treasurer: Stephen Barker (66C) (SB) Hon Membership Secretary: Derek Fox (58B ) (DB) Elected Members : Tony Waite (60C) (TW) Heritage Cttm Chair Alan Chatt (59A) (AC) Ray Armstrong (55A) (RA) Echo /Webmaster

All existing Members have consented to be nominated again. Anyone wishing to be nominated for election to the 6 elected Member positions should send their names and group number to the Secretary no later than 7 days before the AGM. (Rule 13b)

Rule 4e “The Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer will be volunteers whose positions will be confirmed at the AGM” The Executive Committee request their positions be confirmed by the AGM.

Proposer …………………Seconder…………………….

(Rule 4c)  “The Chairman will be elected at an AGM for a period of 3 years, with the option of being extended for a further 3 years”

The Current Chairman at the request of the Executive Committee will exercise the option to extend the term in office by 3 years.

Having elected to extend this period at the 2022 AGM it stands for this AGM

(Rule 4d) “A Vice Chairman can be elected from within the Executive Committee”

The Executive Committee has elected Ken Reader as Vice Chairman following last years AGM.

Other Officials (Rule 5)

(Rule 5a) “The President will be elected at the AGM for a period of two years and may be extended by two year periods.” This was extended at the last AGM and stands for this AGM.

Subscriptions (Rule 6)

(Rule 6b) “ The rate of subscriptions will be agreed by the AGM.”

The Executive Committee propose and the Treasurer agrees the subscription will not be increased in the year 2023 / 2024.

Proposer ……………………………….. Seconder……………………………..

Funds and Accounts (Rule 7)

(Rule 7c) “ The Executive Committee will submit to an AGM any proposal to invest funds; likewise, any proposals to withdraw such investments must be approved by the AGM.”

1. The Executive Committee proposal now submitted is to continue to invest funds by holding them in cash with a reputable deposit taker that is currently the Monmouthshire Building Society.  This matter will be kept under review. In line other deposit takers interest rates have risen. In the context of this association it is felt this is the appropriate proposal to make.

Proposer…………………………..  Seconder………………………………….

2. The Executive Committee has received a request for a donation on an annual basis to a new organisation called the Army Apprentices National Association (AANA). It is not a registered charity and not incorporated. Its legal identity is that of an Association like BOBA. BOBA as an entity is not being asked to join. It is not an investment proposal as the money will not be repaid or earn any return. It is a gift. Any contribution would come from BOBA’s funds and be a reduction it its reserves. The Executive Committee of BOBA has been asked to put the request to the Membership. The Executive Committee has corresponded with the promoters of this new association and formed the view it not an appropriate payment to make under BOBA’s Objectives. This item is brought to the Membership for it to confirm the Membership supports the Executive Committee’s decision.

Proposer……………………………. Seconder……………………………………..

Annual General Meeting  (AGM) (Rule 8)

(Rule 8c) “The AGM will be held at a time and place to be decided at the previous AGM (Normally the Saturday of the third weekend in September.”

Date of Next Reunion: The next reunion weekend will be the 20th – 22nd September 2024, and the AGM will be held on Saturday 21st Sep 17 at 1700hrs.

The place will have to be notified in due course because of available venues and numbers of Members who may wish to attend. The Executive committee will notify Members as soon as possible.

Rules for the Treasurer (page 7 BOBA Rules)

Rule 1 “ There will be one main account, to be known as “The Beachley Old Boys’ Fund.” The accounting year will run from 1st January to December annually.

Rule 2 “ This fund will be divided in sub accounts, the main sub-accounts being;

  1. The General Purpose
  2. The Benevolent Fund
  3. Reunion
  4. Investment Fund
  5. Capital Property
  6. Building Society
  7. Shop
  8. Heritage Centre”

Rule 5 “ Funds will be credited to the Benevolent Fund as recommended by the Executive Committee and approved by the Executive Committee and approved by the AGM. The fund should be maintained above Five Hundred Pounds.”

The Executive Committee has not received any requests for assistance during the last financial year. Given the overall financial position of the Association the Executive Committee proposes the sum of £2000 (two thousand) pounds continue to held as credited to the Benevolent Fund.

Proposer………………………………. Seconder………………………………..

Rule 8 “The Treasurer will present a Financial Statement at each Executive Committee Meeting and at the AGM.”

The Financial statement attached to this Agenda Appendix 1.

The Benevolent Fund

Par 1 “ The Benevolent Funs was established for charitable purposes only and may be used for making grants but, under no circumstances loans”

Par 8 “ All grants made will be reported to the AGM” 

The Executive Committee and Treasurer report to the AGM there have been no grants awarded since the last AGM.

That concludes the business of the Agenda as required under the Rules of the Association.

Signed …………………………………………………..

Gary White

Hon. Secretary BOBA and Trustee of the Benevolent Fund

……August 2023

Other reports to Members.

A member of the Executive will make a short verbal report of matters arising in the year since the last AGM and further comment will be made in the Echo. Questions may be asked. The Chairman will exercise discretion over time allocation and Chair the session.   

a. Membership (DF):

b. Heritage (AC):

c. Beachley Echoes (RA)

d. Shop/Memorabilia (CR):

e. The Cenotaph Parade (AW):

f. Reunion 2024 – (SB)   

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